Eureka Library plans 'massive' sale on Saturday

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Saturday is the date for Eureka city-wide garage sales, and not to be outdone, Eureka Public Library Friends group plan to hold a massive book sale at 202 S Main, in front of the library. Should rain threaten, the sale will be held inside the library.

Materials for sale include children and adult fiction and nonfiction books, paperbacks and hardcover books, donations and items that have been withdrawn from the library collection.

There will also be available some VHS tapes, audio CDs and an odd assortment of other items. A selection of pre-sale items is available at the library in the new seminar room for those wanting to purchase before the 21st.

Alongside the book sale, Woodford County Master Gardeners will be holding a plant sale. Both sales plan to be open from 9 am until 2 pm. For more information please call the library at 467-2922.