Joliet gas refinery issues likely to raise gas prices here

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Motorists should be aware of the likelihood of rising gas prices in the next 48 hours and through the weekend in Peoria.

"I expect stations to increase prices to $3.89-$4.15 by weekend with a majority of stations starting to raise prices as early as tomorrow morning", says Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst.

DeHaan tweeted that a price hike was likely in the Great Lakes area after ExxonMobil's Joliet refinery was heard to have had yet another unexpected problem while restarting their facility, boosting concern about supply as the summer driving season is just days away. ExxonMobil's refinery in Joliet can process up to 238,000 barrels of oil per day.

DeHaan also said that prices outside the Great Lakes would likely continue to slowly fall as wholesale prices in other regions have only risen a few cents compared to the near 40-cent increase in wholesale prices in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Kentucky.