Rep. Leitch picks a fight over health plans

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

In response to the Chief Procurement Officer’s ruling to end Health Alliance and Humana health coverage for state retirees and employees, State Rep. David Leitch (R-Peoria) says he will continue to support any measure to reverse this decision.

The Chief Procurement Officer’s ruled on Tuesday to deny the protests made by Health Alliance and Humana. In addition, the Benefits Choice Period was extended to June 17. The enrollment period was originally scheduled to run from May 1 to 31. This decision prompted the Commission On Government Forecasting and Accountability today to vote that the current contracts are not in the best interest of the state or state employees.

The goal of COGFA’s decision is to start the process over and further evaluate the devastating effect this decision has on the nearly 100,000 state employees and retirees.

“This procurement officer’s ruling will leave 68 counties in the state without HMO coverage. I gathered area legislators together at the beginning of the month when we first found out about this decision, and together we listened to hours of testimony from concerned citizens at a packed public hearing,” said Leitch. 

“I made certain that the hearing audio and copies of constituent letters and emails were given to the Chief Procurement Officer, Matt Brown, and Governor Quinn.  I am frustrated and disappointed that no one stood up for what is right for those who will lose their affordable, quality coverage.”

Leitch further stated if this decision stands and the process is not rebid, it will force families to pay for the more expensive tier 2 and tier 3 plans and change doctors with whom they have developed relationships.

House Republicans have filed House Resolution 346, legislation that urges the extension of the benefit choice period no earlier that Sept. 1.