Sen. LaHood votes against budget bills

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

State Senator Darin LaHood (R-Peoria) today voted against a series of budget bills that would increase spending over last year’s level, contained no true spending cuts, and included a last minute amendment that added an additional $430 million in spending to the budget.

“The state is broke and we can’t keep spending money we don’t have,” said LaHood. 

“I voted no because I believe deep cuts are necessary to help put Illinois back on the path to fiscal solvency and ensure that the 67 percent tax increase that passed in January doesn’t become permanent.  Our state cannot continue to tax, borrow, and spend.”

“In total, the budget passed by the Sen. Democrats increases spending by around $1.25 billion over last year," says LaHood.  “It is unfortunate that this process couldn’t be used to create a responsible budget that makes Illinois a more fiscally responsible state.  It would appear that this year’s budget is just more of the same old story.”