Shooting competition for youth in Metamora

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Saturday the Woodford County Sheriff’s Office and the W. D. Boyce Council will host its 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Exploring Shooting Competition and Training at the Illinois State Police Headquarters in Metamora.

The competition begins at 8 a.m. and ends with an award program at 2 p.m. Youth participating are members of the Council’s Law Enforcement Exploring programs with the following departments: Woodford County Sheriff’s Office, Peoria Park District Police, Pekin Police and Minier Police.

Youth participating in Law Enforcement Exploring range in age from 14 through 21 and gain lessons that include: hands on career education, developing leadership skills, building character and experiencing positive social interaction with peers. In central Illinois, there are seven Law Enforcement Exploring programs. In addition to the departments participating at the competition, there are programs with Princeton Police, Danvers Police and Bloomington Police, for a total of 149 youth enrolled in the program.

The Shooting Competition and Training was created to prepare Explorers for the National Law Enforcement Exploring Competition.