Egypt program coming to Eureka

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

“In the midst of Egypt,” a presentation of stories and pictures, takes place at Roanoke Mennonite Church, Eureka, Wednesday, June 29, at 7:00 p.m.   The event is co-sponsored by Metamora Mennonite Church and Caznovia Mennonite Church.  

Matthew Bucher, who returned in May after four years of service with Mennonite Central Committee in Il-Qosseya, Egypt, will connect an Old Testament blessing from Isaiah with the experiences of Christians in Egypt today.  It will include the four M's of Coptic Orthodoxy  (monasticism, martyrs, miracles, and the mass), highlights of  MCC’s work in Egypt, and personal stories of peacebuilding.   Bucher lives in Lebanon, PA, and is a member of Mt. Wilson Church of the Brethren, Annville, PA.  

Bucher worked under the direction of Bishop Thomas of the Orthodox Diocese of Il-Qosseya, 200 miles south of Cairo.   He designed and led workshops on topics of peacebuilding to participants in the Il-Qosseya diocese and networked with MCC partners who were engaged in peacebuilding.  He speaks Arabic, and taught English in a program available to all members of the Il-Qosseya  community which provided a place to interact in a safe, non-threatening environment.  

MCC and Bishop Thomas have worked together for 20 years on education, development, and peacebuilding projects.   MCC work in Egypt began in 1967 and has continued non-stop since 1981.  MCC serves as guests of the Egyptian church and seeks to build and strengthen relationships through peacebuilding, community ESL programs, teacher training, and other developmental projects.  MCC service workers collaborate with church organizations and attempt to understand through listening, conversation, and cultural/religious activities.

The presentation will conclude with a time for questions.  The public is invited.         

Roanoke Mennonite Church is located four miles northeast of Eureka, at 1195 CR 1600 East.  

More information is available on the web at or by calling 309- 467-3460.