State police offer hot weather driving tips

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

With the extreme heat taking place over the next several days, the Illinois State Police District 8 asks that you take precautions when traveling. In the event of an automotive breakdown, even the shortest trip could become perilous.    

    Illinois State Police District 8 would like to remind drivers of the following driving tips for extremely hot weather:

Check the fluid levels of your vehicle while the engine is still cold

Have your engines hoses and belts inspected

Inspect your tires and make sure they are inflated properly

Keep your gas tank at least half full

If you are stopped in traffic put the transmission in park and gently press the accelerator to circulate engine coolant

If your temperature gauge starts to climb up, shut off the air conditioner and turn the heater on to the highest/hottest setting

If your engine overheats, pull off the road in a safe spot.  Do not attempt to open the radiator cap.  

Tell someone your travel plans and routes

Always be aware of your location so you can provide accurate information to Law Enforcement in the event of an emergency

Keep a charged cell phone in your glove box to make emergency calls.  A deactivated cell phone will activate when 911 is dialed

Make sure to have a supply of water with you when traveling   

NEVER leave children or pets unattended in a car for any length of time