Roanoke woman's novel released

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

This week, Illinois author Martha Lyons celebrates the nationwide release of her new novel, “Finding Her Roots.”

 In the story, on a dedicated trek to uncover her past and find peace for her future, Jenny Spencer finds herself farther away from what she thought was home all along. She tries her best to rely on God as she bobs and weaves through the trying time life presented her. As the search for her past deepens, an unlikely helpmeet offers his assistance. Aaron Miller, a seeming stranger, feels vaguely familiar to Jenny. She shoves her thoughts aside to continue the pursuit without a snag.

 As the truth slowly begins to surface, Jenny is amazed by the delicate and intricate design of her life that's ultimately been orchestrated by her savior. And she learns just how beautiful life can be when a person lets himself or herself be part of a greater cause.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Lyons lives in Roanoke, Illinois, and enjoys writing, genealogy, traveling, and visiting her family. She's written several books for her granddaughter, who provides plenty of inspiration.