Meet community blogger Denny Smith

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Denny Smith writes a blog for TimesNewspapers called "Hearing Things." Smith is a musician who grew up in Morton and now lives in Nashville, Tenn.

His blog addresses his life as a musician among other things.

Read Denny's bio below:

I'm the singer/guitarist and occasional ivory tickler of fORMER (Nashville, TN), and I also play guitar for some gentlemen who call themselves The Beauty School Dropouts. My musical resume includes stints with the now-defunct Bombshell Crush & Loveshine, as well as the occasionally active The Great Affairs & Best Of Seven(Los Angeles, CA), and you can probably find CDs from these bands somewhere on Amazon, eBay, or some random used CD shop in Tupelo, MS, if you were so inclined. I'm a songwriter. I appreciate a tall Jack & Coke when the mood strikes(it seldom does these days, to be honest). I had an old dog…but he died(RIP Maxwell), so we got a new one, a sweet fella that can run faster than anyone on steroids...his name is Pioneer. Pioneer has recently been joined by a vagrant that has adopted us, who goes by the name Cash...she's too sweet to send packing. I own a record shop in Pekin, IL, Co-Op Records. Occasionally I travel north from my home in NashVegas to supervise my henchmen as they do my bidding. I often waste my time driving without a destination just to hear myself think. I love Sun Drop cola....sue me. I can't eat anything with bones in it or anything that retains the general shape of itself in living just grosses me out, though I have recently grown quite fond of Sushi (thanks, Joey). I have great friends and a cool particular my Mom...the best. I don't go to church, but I'd like to believe. I eat too much junk sweet tooth is the stuff of legends, but I have shaken the pastry monkey from my back. I used to love that band Trixter, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I hate cold. I miss California. I love Nashville...most days. I don't sleep much. I hate idle time. I think Elvis Costello's "Man Out Of Time" is quite possibly my favorite song of ALL time....not sure though, and it's looking like The Afghan Whigs' "Crazy" might steal the prize. I'm red/green colorblind if anybody wants to mess with me at a traffic light. I guess that's all for now....more later.