Mail Call Blog: McCoy straps on political flamethrower

DeWayne Bartels

Scott McCoy, candidate for state representative of the new 106th House District, released a statement via email on the announcement that the Watseka/Iroquois County Tea Party are throwing their support behind his opponent criminal defense attorney Brian Gabor. A brief summary would be McCoy ain't happy.

McCoy strapped on his political flamethrower.

He had the flamethrower on standby when he wrote: "I'm dumbfounded. Mr. Gabor has never participated in the free market by starting a business or creating jobs. Additionally, his record doesn't come close to showing he is for limited government or fiscal responsibility."

Then he kicked it into flame on accusing Gabor, among other things, of not condemning the swindling of taxpayer funds in Pontiac some years back.

"In 2004, Mr. Gabor, who sat on the Pontiac City Council, remained silent as the then-mayor attempted to give himself a 600 percent pay increase to 'bump' his taxpayer-funded government pension at the end of his term in office. The mayor and council devised this scheme behind closed doors, then quietly brought it up at a council meeting in an attempt to elude the public and the media. Mr. Gabor never once condemned this swindling of the taxpayer's funds. Mr. Gabor supported gaming the system to benefit one man's personal financial portfolio, at the expense of the taxpayers. Even after the public loudly protested and insisted they were not going to put up with this unscrupulous scam, Mr. Gabor then publicly supported the then-mayor for re-election.

"The people of Pontiac understand exactly what transpired under the then-mayor's and Alderman Gabor's tenure. The people of Illinois have seen this same scam used as politicians and others rip off the taxpayers by exploiting the retirement system for their own selfish gain. If a candidate who has a public record of allowing government corruption to flourish, especially while acting as a steward of the people's trust and money, is someone the Tea Party believes deserves to be sent to Springfield — then I either misunderstand the Tea Party's core values, or they didn't do a thorough job in vetting the candidates."

Whether this will type of harsh rhetoric will leave Gabor a crispy critter on Election Day only time will tell.