Garden Club springs into action

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

One of the reasons people move to Germantown Hills is the natural beauty of the area.  And, while Germantown Hills’ two parks provide the community with lots of fun and function, they do not necessarily reflect that beauty.  The Germantown Hills Garden would like to change that.  

The club has an annual fund raising sale next to what once was Jubilee Foods. Flowers, shrubs, and even trees are sold at bargain prices with advice from the members of the club thrown in for free. The GH Chamber of Commerce holds their pork chop grill at the same place. This year the sale and lunch will be held on May 5. 

“Every year our club has been able to donate to local charities and to the GH Firefighters. This year we would also like to be able to purchase some items for J.R. White Park,” said Melanie Meismer.  “Most of the flower beds have nothing planted in them. Last summer they were weed beds.”

The Garden Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday at the Community Center, on Ten Mile Creek across from Michael’s. Programs include expert speakers, take home projects and short trips to local points of interest. The first meeting will be Tuesday, the topic being garden design. 

April’s plans include a road trip to a “secret” friend of the Club to purchase seedlings. The date will be determined by weather. 

“We are a small, informal club and our members range from those who just enjoy looking at flowers to a Master Gardener. We have fun learning from each other and trading seeds and plants,” said Meismer.

Dues are $10 a year.

Three of the club’s officers met with trustee Clark Hopkins to discuss ways the club could help the Village beautify the parks and other areas in the Village.  Hopkins, while not on the board’s Park Committee, is enthusiastic about making the parks not only more beautiful to visit, but also easier and more cost effective to maintain. The group also noticed that at least one of the mature maples in JR White had several branches chopped off in a manner that was less than pleasing to the eye.  Apparently the trees have been pruned to accommodate the height of the large mowers used to cut the grass, with no thought as to appearance.

“I don’t mean to overly criticize the guys who take care of the parks,” Meismer said. “I realize they aren’t professional landscapers, but the work should be done correctly. I really want to encourage the Mayor and trustees to promote the idea of an official 'Beautify Germantown Hills' project. We look forward to working with the Village and we want to encourage others to get involved. If church & community groups came together to do just a little each year it could really impact the look of the Village, and possibly influence new business coming in. There are spots in and around the (GH Crossing) shopping center that are unkempt. The Welcome signs (on Illinois Route 116) could use help. We need prettier, easier to maintain shrubs and perennials, but mainly we need hands-on volunteer help. The job is too big for our club to do alone, and the Village staff has other work (besides landscaping)."

For more information contact her at or by phone at (309)383-3243 or visit the Germantown Hills Garden Club website at