Metamora graduate interns for Koehler

Adam Larck
From left: Sen. Dick Durbin, Lindsey Ludwig, Miles Sodowski and State Sen. Dave Koehler.

While most college students have a hard enough time concentrating on classes, Miles Sodowski is also helping a State Senator prepare for his run for re-election.

Sodowski, a sophomore at Illinois Central College and a graduate of Metamora High School, started an internship under State Sen. David Koehler in February after hearing about it from a professor.

“I asked him what internships do we have for someone like me because I’m not really a PR major or mass comm. major, I’m just general communications,” he said. “He told me about this one.”

Sodowski said that, while he does the usual intern work, such as putting up signs or making calls to supporters of Koehler, he has also helped with a few bigger functions as well.

“I went to a fundraiser and a couple of the forums where he talked to the public,” he said. “I went to the President’s Day dinner and met Dick Durbin there. That was kind of cool.”

He added that the President’s Day dinner he went to as enjoyment and heard a speech from one of the Wisconsin senators that left the state last year.

“The President’s Day dinner I went to, they kind of let me go to that more as a ‘good job, go have fun,” Sodowski said.

Sodowski also helped Saturday at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Peoria by walking with Koehler and handing out stickers.

Sodowski added that he sees Koehler at least once or twice a week during the internship.

At the end of the internship, Sodowski is not sure if he will keep working for Koehler.

“They’ve kind of hinted that they want me to stick around, but I don’t know because I’m going to Northern Illinois University probably,” he said. “I don’t know about having a two-hour drive to back here to work for two days. That’s quite a bit.”

After college, Sodowski knows what he would like to do, but a presidential candidate may pose a bit of a problem with his career path.

“My main interest right now would probably be writing speeches for anybody,” he said. (Rick) Santorum’s trying to put me out of a job, though. He’s trying to get tele-prompters illegal. I’m like, ‘How am I supposed to write speeches for people if they can’t use a tele-prompter?’”

While he is not sure if he will continue to stay in politics after college, Sodowski said the internship has gotten him more involved in politics.

“It’s really interesting,” he said. “I was never really super into politics. I knew more than some people but I never knew everything about it. Now, just working for him I have Apps on my phone of different political news sites and I’m actually on top of it now with the presidential race and our state issues.”