DAR announces good citizen award winners

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Woodford Times
Those honored with good citizens awards pictured above are as follows: back row, from left: Samuel Backman, Philip Rinehart and Brian Ehresman; front row, Kayla Bryant, Sarah Garber, Jillian Allen and Samantha Vogel.

The NSDAR Black Partridge Chapter had its annual good citizen awards ceremony on Feb. 13 at Crossroads United Methodist Church.

The award winners were: Brian Ehresman, son of Beth and Barry (late) Ehresman, of El Paso-Gridley High School; Kayla Bryant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bryant, of Eureka High School; Sarah Garber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Garber, of Lowpoint-Washburn High School; Philip Rinehart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rinehart, of Fieldcrest High School; Jillian Allen, daughter of Ms. Amy Schoepke, of Midland High School; and Samantha Vogel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Vogel, of Roanoke-Benson High School.

Each Good Citizen was chosen by their teachers and classmates and then they sent us a cover sheet with personal information along with a list of high school activities, a summary of their efforts to serve their community, a summary of their future plans, a list of extracurricular activities and a summary of why they feel the four qualities of a DAR Good Citizen (dependability, service, leadership and patriotism) are important and how they have tried to exhibit these qualities in their life.

A grade transcript is provided by the school.

They each have two letters of recommendation and they also write an essay.

The topic this year was “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility for Reserving It.”

The winning Good Citizen from the Black Partridge Chapter is Brian Ehresman.

Also honored for the Community Service Awards were Don and Cindy Shuford from Washington.

They were instrumental in forming Threads, Hope & Love, a free clothing giveaway for underprivileged people. They have worked to bring many churches in the Washington area together for this project.

Their hours of work have not gone unnoticed in the Washington area.

Boy Scout Kyan Royalty, son of Rebecca Royalty and Steve Hayes from Washington, was given a Good Citizen award for his honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism.

The speaker of the event was Tammie Judd from Tremont.

Judd is a motivational speaker and Bible teacher. She has written several articles and columns for various Christian publications and is now working on her first book.

The Black Partridge Chapter of the DAR and its guests heard words of encouragement in her speech entitled “Never Give Up! Living Life at Full Throttle!”

A reception followed the meeting so everyone could visit with the Good Citizenship award winners and other guests.

For those interested in getting involved with the DAR, call 444-5140 or 444-5087.