Eureka Rotary needs help restoring Olio Monument

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
The Soldiers’ Monument in Olio Township Cemetery was dedicated in 1868, following a community drive led by Captain Jo Major. It bears the names of soldiers’ of Company “A” of the 86th Illinois Infantry who were killed in action. Over the years, the monument has been the focal point of each annual community Memorial Day service. The Eureka Rotary Club has undertaken a project to restore it to its earlier glory.

The Eureka Rotary Club is currently raising funds to restore the Civil War Monument in Olio Township Cemetery, which was erected in 1868. The cenotaph honors 29 men of Company “A” of the 86th Illinois Infantry who were killed in action. As it has aged, it has become discolored and difficult to read. The club’s goal is to have the restoration work completed by Memorial Day, May 28.

The Rotary Club has commissioned Roth Stoneworks of Congerville to do the work. The entire monument will be cleaned and brought back to its original color. The surfaces where the words and names are listed will be sanded down approximately 1/8th of an inch and the letters will be re-engraved by a computer-guided process. The sanding process will bring the marble back to its original smooth surface, so it will be as if the names were engraved on new stone. The upper shaft will also be sandblasted to remove the deteriorated outer surface.

Rotary Club members have donated more than $2,100 themselves and are seeking the community’s assistance in funding the remainder. The total reconditioning effort will cost $6,700.

Persons and organizations desiring to donate to the project may make their checks out to the Eureka Rotary Club, PO Box 321, Eureka, IL 61530 or give their contributions directly to any member of the club.

For more information contact Brandon Bressner at 866-672-1600 or by email at