Metamora board president dies at 72

Adam Larck
William Belshaw

William “Bill” Belshaw, the village board president of Metamora, died at 11:47 p.m. Thursday evening. He was 72.

Belshaw, who was voted in as president two years ago, had been ill for the past few months.

On April 16, he was admitted to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center for kidney failure.

He was on the board for six years.

“He was just a very dedicated public servant that always worked for the best interest of the village and its residents,” trustee John Heinz said.

Heinz has been working as board president pro tem while Belshaw was in the hospital.

The two had worked together for the past five years, and Heinz said he had, “worked with him a lot” on various projects in the community.

In the village, he served as the Metamora chief of police for 21 years, and was a past president of the Old Settlers Association.

He worked as a manufacturing supervisor at Caterpillar Inc. for 39 years before retiring in 2001. Before that, he served in the U.S. Navy from


According to his family, “He was a man who took on any challenges put before him and was an achiever of many accomplishments and lived life to the fullest and with no regrets.”

In the meantime, Heinz will continue acting as board president pro tem until the board members select a trustee to appoint to the position.

When that person is appointed, they will keep their duties as trustee as well as taking on the presidential duties.

The trustee will then remain president until the consolidated election in April 2013.

Heinz said he could possibly remain president, but that it is up to the board members.

The next board president could have been appointed Tuesday at the board meeting, or at the first board meeting in May.