4-H Harvesters learn new looms

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
Handweavers’ Guild member, Joan Quigg teaches Annaliese Springer how to do Japanese braiding on the Marudai.

On April 7, members of the Eureka 4-H Harvesters met at the home of Margo Tennis in rural Eureka to learn how to do several different kinds of weaving.

Members of the Peoria Handweavers’ Guild had seven different kinds of looms set up for the girls to use as well as wool for carding and spinning.  They each learned how to spin with a drop spindle, make Japanese braids with a Marudai, weave twill patterns on a floor loom, weave tabby on a table loom and weave bands on three different kinds of looms.

Members of the Peoria Handweavers’ Guild who assisted were Janet Giugler, Jennie Hawkey, Cheryl Suckow, Judy Kimbro, Joan Quigg, Pam Ritch and Margo Tennis.

 Members of the Harvesters’ 4-H group were Peg Moen, leader,  Joy Hinrichsen, Annaliese Springer, Elisabeth Springer, Jamie Wiegand, Stephanie Moen and Cindy Springer, assistant.