Bible school starts Monday at Metamora Mennonite Church

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Metamora Mennonite Church is hosting a week-long Vacation Bible School for the kids of Metamora being held from 9-11:30 a.m. June 4-8. VBS is an exciting and interactive learning experience for students age 4 through fifth grade.

This year’s theme is “Come to the Water: God’s Love Flows.” Water plays a big part in the summer activities. From a cool glass of water on a hot day to splashing around the local pool, water makes summer a bit more fun. Come to the Water invites children to connect water with faith. In addition to hearing stories about Moses getting water from a rock, a dangerous storm at sea and Jesus giving a woman a drink, children will learn about God’s love for them.

“We are excited about this year’s VBS theme,” Pastor Michael Danner said. “A big part of our mission at Metamora Mennonite Church is to offer a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus. Like a refreshing cup of cold water, the mutual support, love and care that our congregation provides — and the spiritual water that comes through worship and Bible study — is exactly what this year’s VBS theme is all about. I think it will be a great blessing to each kid who participates.”

Deb Byler, VBS Director, is hard at work preparing a team of volunteers to welcome each and every student and to make this an engaging, energetic and enriching Vacation Bible School. There is no fee for VBS, but pre-registration is helpful for planning. You can preregister or get more information by calling 367-4892 or online at