Junktion hosting event at library

Brandyce Gordon

It’s just a little shop around the corner in the old part of Downtown East Peoria selling everything from “shabby chic” to “rustic vintage.”

The owners of the little shop, Susan Palmer and Valerie Brandon, say their boutique style shop, The Rustic Junktion, is crazy, but fun.

“We are on a journey and this is a step in the journey. We don’t see an end to the journey. The journey will keep going,” said Brandon.

This journey started when the women realized they had a lot of stuff in common and that vintage stuff is fun.

“We have a lot of stuff and we like to buy stuff but when you have a lot of stuff you have to do something with it. So we just started this gradual journey,” said Brandon.

The journey started with them re-crafting their own things and selling them at markets such as Third Sunday Market in Bloomington and at a Step Back in Time in Washington.

The Rustic Junktion is not a craft store though.

According to Brandon they are vintage, funky and retro, with only some re-crafted merchandise that is set up around the shop however the owners see fit to display it.

The vendors that sell their items here give some creative control to Brandon and Palmer and with the control to place items wherever they see fit and not in their own booths, it helps the customer see how they can use it in their own home.

“We have met some fantastic people,” Brandon said with Palmer quick to follow up on what she was talking about, feeding off each other to tell the stories of their lives through the lens of their little boutique.

“That is really what it is about. It is not about the items, it is about the people you meet,” said Palmer.

Brandon and Palmer take those connections outside the store by holding programs at local libraries where they teach things such as how to use modge podge, a glue/sealer, in a unique way.

They are holding the modge podge program at the Eureka Public Library on June 25 and are taking their pop-up market, Prairie Traveling Vintage Show, on the road throughout the summer.

For more information, look for them on Facebook and on the web at the rusticjunktion.com.