Craft and vendor show Saturday at Jubilee Center

Adam Larck

A craft and vendor show will be benefiting a good cause Saturday at Germantown Hills.

The show, the fourth put on by Ruth Inman, will help provide money to the Open Arms Food Pantry in Metamora.

It is being held in the grassy area next to Dollar General in the Jubilee Shopping Center.

Inman said she started the show a few years ago after noticing there weren’t a lot of fundraisers in the area helping the pantry.

“I’m also a Tupperware dealer,” Inman said. “So, a few years ago, I came up with an idea for my Tupperware team to go out and sell Tupperware to raise money for the food pantry. Well, we did come up with some, but it wasn’t as big as I had hoped. So I thought that there had to be a better way to raise more. They didn’t even know that we did it, one of our girls just showed up with a check.”

After that, Inman decided to try another route: a vendor show, as she knew that shows can bring in a lot of people.

Inman called other vendor contacts she had and tried hosting the first show on the side of the Jubilee Grocery Store when it was still there.

“We were supposed to fill that whole side and we had three vendors,” she said. “The next one we grew and we were in the parking lot across from Jubilee.”

In February, she held her third show inside The Flame in Metamora.

That show had 13 vendors.

While she’s not sure of the total amount of vendors for Saturday’s show (five had confirmed at the time of the interview), she has sent emails out to all 55 contacts she has about it.

However, she did note that, while crafters can have an unlimited number of people due to the differences in making a product, there are normally only one type of each vendor at the show.

“When we have vendor shows in the industry, we use a rule where there’s only one vendor per show, so first-come, first-served,” Inman said.

To be part of the show, vendors and crafters pay a $25 booth fee. However, Inman keeps none of the profits.

Out of the $25, $5 goes to purchasing signs she can reuse each year, while $20 goes to the food pantry.

In addition, money is also raised from the raffle that is held throughout the day.

Inman said vendors are asked to donate one item from their table for the raffle.

“We’re offering extra raffle tickets for anyone that brings food pantry donations,” she said. “We hope to not only give them the money from the booths and the money from the raffles.”

Throughout the day there will also be entertainment for kids.

A face painter is planned, and Inman said she looks to have a balloon artist as well.

She also wants to find musicians to play throughout the day as well.