Germantown Hills Garden Club helps member

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
Lynn Chasteen, Jennifer McHenry and Lisa Hill work on the new garden at Chasteen’s new house. The Germantown Hills Garden Club helped rebuild the garden after Chasteen’s old garden and house in Creve Coeur were lost to a fire.

This February, Jerry and Lynn Chasteen, of Creve Coeur, lost their home and all their belongings to fire. It was devastating.

Photos, family gifts and heirlooms are all memories.

This was a tragedy that no one should endure.

Members of the Germantown Hills Garden Club wanted to do something nice for their fellow club member.

Lynn suggested helping to create a flower garden at her new home.

Previously, Lynn had removed many plants from the burnt home to be replanted in her new home.

On June 9, club members met at the Chasteen home for coffee and coffee cake to discuss the new garden.

The Chasteens had prepared the ground for planting.

Discussion of design, layout, sun, shade, paths and focal points took place.

Then, the work began. First, a path was laid out to set a theme.

A bird bath was added as a focal point.

Flowers with special memories of family members were planted to fit the theme.

A cement leaf ornament with water pump was added.

Spreading of mulch and final touches were done after a nice lunch prepared by Lynn.

A thing of beauty was completed.

— Submitted by Gerda Wirt