Neighbors honored for apple picking help

Adam Larck
Neighbors surround Bennie and Shirley Blackburn, seated, at Hopewell Grange on July 16. The neighbors were honored with a non-member community service award after helping the Blackburns pick and bag apples after Shirley broke her left leg last August.

Hopewell Grange had a packed meeting on July 16 as 17 Metamora residents were given awards for non-member community service.

The residents, all neighbors of Bennie and Shirley Blackburn, helped the Blackburns pick apples for their orchard, Partridge Point, last September after Shirley broke her leg in an accident in August.

Those given awards were Nancy Blackburn, their daughter-in-law, Mike and Kathy Keller, Bob and Linda Murphy, Paul and Helen Myers, Dave and Char Skinner, Bob and Cindy DeSigne, Steve and Kris Rector, Bob and Cheryl Harper and Carl and Kathy Clang.

The neighbors were honored by Hopewell Grange after seeing a story about their service in the Woodford Times.

After the awards were handed out, a story was read about apple orchards that was written by the Skinners.