By the numbers: Metamora Township High School

Adam Larck
Metamora Township High School.

1: The number of days that students will have been in school when this issue released. The first day of school is Wednesday, with a freshman/parent night having been held on Tuesday.

3: The number of years the SPARKS Science Learning System has been used at MTHS. The system lets students make their own hypothesis and see  live results during science labs instead of following a step-by-step guide.

5: The number of years professional learning communities have been used at MTHS. PLCs let teachers get together twice a month to collaborate lesson plans and share ideas. One thing that has come out of this is a yearly joint project between the 3D art department and metal work department to make 3D metal artwork each year. The artwork is displayed in the courtyard.

1915: The year that the original Metamora Township High School was formed. In 2000, the school went through a major expansion to help accommodate more students. This summer, the school received another update in the form of energy-efficient windows received through an energy grant.