Germantown Hills car accident resulted in injury

Sean McGowan

One person was hospitalized following a car accident that occurred at approximately 3:49 p.m. Nov. 28 at the intersection of IL 116 and Maple Lane in Germantown Hills.

The injured person was taken to Proctor Hospital in Peoria. The hospital did not wish to release any information on the severity of the other person's injury or whether the patient was released. Chip Wilmot, Germantown Hills Fire Deparment chief, said the other person involved in the accident refused to be hospitalized.

The Germantown Hills Fire Department and Woodford County Sheriff's Department responded to the accident. Wilmot said one of the drivers informed him of what the scene looked like following the accident.

"I was talking on the phone with one of the guys involved, and it sounded like one car flipped over and one landed on its side," Wilmot said.

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