Brock Eastman at EPLD on Friday for Book-Signing

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

We don’t schedule many programs on Fridays at the Library, but this week is a noteworthy exception. One of Eureka’s own is returning to town, and we are happy to be one of the places he has chosen to spend some time. Brock, the son of Dave and Diane Eastman will be at the Library on Friday, 3:30-6 p.m., promoting the young adult books he has written. Brock is contracted to write 10 books releasing through 2013 and will be speaking about his journey into the world of writing.

Brock currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and children, where he works for Focus on the Family on the Adventures in Odyssey brand. His life plan didn’t originally include being a writer, in fact he claims to having never read a book for fun until he was in college. Once he discovered reading for pleasure however he was hooked and couldn’t stop, and was inspired to try his hand at writing.

Brock will be selling and signing copies of his first three books. Taken, ($10) is the first of five books in The Quest for Truth series. Taken is about four kids whose parents have been kidnapped by a mysterious group called the Ubel. They must search for answers amongst ancient ruins, while discovering the Truth for themselves. Co-Published with Focus on the Family, this book is family friendly. HowlSage($10) is about Taylor Rivers who has just lost his dad. He must now take on the role of his father and join a society fighting against evil. Approved by Focus on the Family, this book is family friendly. Showdown with the Shepherd ($5) is the story of David and Goliath, told with an Adventures in Odyssey twist. Published by Focus on the Family, this book is family friendly.

We are excited to have Brock back in Eureka for a few days and hope you find time to drop in and visit on Friday!