Create a Spring Wreath with Us on Thursday

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

The weather lately has made winter less of an issue in my mind, but I can still be excited about the official approach of spring. Watching the buds open on the trees and the grass "green up" always reminds us of the new season. Come spring, cleaning up (as in spring cleaning!) and coming up with ways to “refresh” and “renew” around the house becomes important to many of us. If that resonates with you, Thursday evening’s program might be something you would enjoy.

Susan and Val from Rustic Junktion are returning to EPLD with a free hands-on program for those of us who enjoy catching someone else’s creative spirit. If you were at the program Val and Susan presented in December at EPLD, you had an opportunity to see how these two ladies collect and restyle, using someone’s cast-offs to create new décor. Susan mentioned she had purchased rolls and rolls of player piano paper and was working with it in new ways. One of her favorite creations from that paper are the rolled paper wreaths.