YAHOOS Seeking Fleece or Donations for Service Project

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

YAHOOS is our middle school group of kids that meet here at the Library on Wednesday afternoons. They come in after school, full of energy and in need of snacks. We try and harness the energy while supplying enough food to keep them alive and well until they head home at 5. YAHOOS is new at EPLD this school year, and we are all learning as we go. One thing we are learning is they love to help others.

Joanna Schmidt works with the YAHOOS and does a great job of determining what they enjoy and building weekly programs that keep their interest. Being that the YAHOOS are young people who have lived their entire lives in a technology driven world, Joanna finds herself immersed in computerized movie making and video games a great deal of the time. Recently however the group decided it was time for a service project, and the one chosen was making fleece blankets to donate to Project Linus. This week the kids created posters and computerized signage outlining their project and asking for help with materials (or money to help purchase). They need fleece, in pieces no smaller than 54x60 inches. These blankets are for young children, so colorful, fun, patterned fleece would be awesome, and it can be gently used as long as it is clean and stain-free. The Library is the drop off location for the fleece. Several years ago a different group of kids donated their Saturday morning to a similar project, the Micah Program. I am including a picture of the stack of blankets we delivered following that workday.