Eureka Public Library “Get Caught Reading” T-Shirts Available

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

I was in Wal-Mart last Thursday, purchasing supplies for a library program we were holding later that day. As usual when you need something in that short of a time-frame, what I knew I wanted wasn’t available and I was pondering….wondering what would work just as well as the idea I had in my head. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the young mom wandering through the craft section with me, or to her young daughter in the cart. But apparently she was paying attention to me!

About the third time we traded places she spoke up. She asked about my t-shirt…my library t-shirt to be exact. Because of the information on back, (which I am guessing she had read one of the many times we had traded places), she referred to it as a “library” t-shirt. She was totally correct as the shirt I had on was one I had ordered as part of a group purchase 2 years ago. You probably have seen these shirts in Eureka… the ones with bright lettering and a hungry-looking caterpillar crawling across the front. EPLD staff members have them, as do about 70 members of the community. It is a fun shirt, and I often have people comment on it when I wear it both in the Library and out in the community. I like wearing it because it promotes the ‘fun’ side of my job. And because it is fun, we are currently offering t-shirts to the community with the 2012 design pictured here.