Certified Home Staging Expert Tracy Molendi to Speak at the Library

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

“Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make When Preparing Their Homes For Sale” will be Tracy Molendi’s topic when she comes to Eureka Public Library on Monday, April 2. Molendi is more than qualified on the subject, being she is a certified home staging expert, professional organizer, and owner of her own business, Simply Organized & Staged. Her presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. and the cost per person is $3.00. We suggest calling the Library at 309-467-2922 to reserve a seat as Tracy's presentations are typically very well attended and the Library meeting room will limit the group to 30 people.

Molendi started her business in 2004 in the Peoria area, but has been interested in organization and staging her entire life.  Molendi says, “I’ve always loved organization and the art of transforming a space. Even as a young child, I would clean, organize and rearrange the house—just for fun.” Simply Organized & Staged focuses on home staging, organization and redecorating, with an emphasis on recognizing the unique needs of each client.

Molendi feels in that given our current real estate market, staging is a vital step in the successful sale of any home. The true essence of staging, Molendi says, is the ability to market each room of a home so that it will appeal emotionally to a buyer, and create a memorable experience. Exactly how to accomplish that is what Monday evening at EPLD is all about!

The vast experience that Molendi brings with her on Monday cannot be ignored, as she has partnered with hundreds of home and business owners to transform spaces. A quick run to her website,   http://www.stagingpeoria.com provides outlines of the services available through Simply Organized & Staged as well as some very convincing “before & after” photos. Molendi covers it well on her website when she writes, “Since starting Simply Organized & Staged, I have worked with many different types of clients with many different needs. I love walking into “the mess” (as my clients call it) and being able to immediately see how to fix it! For me, it’s like putting a puzzle together. Where you are overwhelmed, I am inspired.”

We invite you to come to the Library on Monday April 2 to be inspired by Tracy Molendi!