Connect Your Cell Phone to Your Library Account!

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

In today’s fast and busy world, my cell phone beeps on a regular basis…offering tidbits of information. Information that keeps me connected with others, like when one of my kids in college needs money in his account…my husband isn’t going to make it home to let the dog out at lunch…my library books are almost overdue. Oops, hang onto that last thought for a moment! Did you know that EPLD offers a text messaging service to cardholders, making it easy to keep in touch with your library account?

Eureka Public Library cardholders can set up text message reminders through their cell phones, to receive updates on materials about to go into overdue status, and for offering renewal options and alerts for items you have available for pick-up at the library.  This service, Shoutbomb, is free but service provider message rates may apply. It works on any phone with text capabilities and provides a convenient way for library customers to keep track of materials and avoid fines. Shoutbomb also allows cell phone users to add multiple cards to the same cell phone number, offering parents a way to keep track of items checked out on childrens’ cards.

To sign up, a text message is sent to (Users will need their library card number and PIN numbers to complete the signup process, and these numbers can be obtained from EPLD). Once the simple registration process is complete, text messages for all accounts registered to that cell phone number will automatically come when the accounts have items to note. For example,Shoutbomb sends a text if an item needs to be renewed, and the user can simply reply with a 2 letter command that will either renew all books or show a list of items that can be renewed.

A small pamphlet is available at the circulation desk  at EPLD that explains the signup process and simple commands, replies, and messages that work with Shoutbomb.  A copy of the pamphlet is also available as a PDF on the library website,