‘Tis Always the Season…for T-shirts

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

I had a schoolteacher drop by the Library today, looking for some help setting up her ebook reader. In the course of the conversation we began to talk about the weather and how kids today dress for comfort at school. No matter what the weather it seems like casual is always in, and for young people that often refers to t-shirts, shorts and sandals. I didn’t think to tell her about our t-shirt quilting class coming up next Saturday (April 14) morning, but it would have fit in perfectly with the conversation.

We have done several repeats of our t-shirt quilting class, and each time the room fills with teenagers, moms and grandmas. And, why not? Who doesn’t wish for a great way to use up the ever-growing stack of t-shirts we all seem to acquire? So many events come with their own shirt these days, fun during the activity, but soon delegated to a closet or drawer. These piles of shirts tend to grow and grow, unworn, but not unwanted. T-shirt quilts are a great way to enjoy the shirt designs and create a (physically) warm memory of times past.

Mary McSweeney offers a 2 hour workshop here at EPLD several times a year on t-shirt quilting. She begins with the selecting and sizing the shirts, applying interfacing, sewing them together and all the rest of the steps needed to create the quilt top.