We Are a Grateful Group of Yahoos!

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

We live in a very giving community. About three weeks ago our Yahoo group which is comprised of middle-school aged boys and girls, came up with an idea of a service project they wanted to complete before the end of the school year. They decided to make fleece blankets and donate them to Project Linus. The patterns are online and easy enough for a grade school student to work with, as long as they have a bit of help cutting the fleece. Oh, and paying for the fleece, that was the other side of the project they would need help with…any ideas, anyone?

Joanna and Eric  work with the Yahoos on a weekly basis here at EPLD, and they do a great job. Joanna suggested the Yahoos make a stack of signs to go around the Library, middle school and some of the stores in Eureka. Joanna also offered to write a press release explaining the project and asking for donations.  So the next week the signs and the press release became reality.