Lost in the Shuffle?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

There are very few things that frustrate me the way losing something important frustrates me. I admire people who are on top of their game and know to put everything where it belongs, so they always know where to find it. I am not an overly organized person, but I can usually remember the important things, like what day the house payment needs to be sent or if we are about out of toilet paper. There are things that throw me off, but typically not too far off. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule…

We are having an exceptional week at EPLD. Vacations, people out sick, and funerals. Some of these events we schedule for, others happen and you make the adjustments. Today and tomorrow are definitely adjustment kinds of days. We have a full calendar of events, just not a full roster of employees. I am not too worried however, as we have a great cliental of people who come through our door and for the most part, a smile on our faces and maybe a few extra minutes of waiting on your part and every transaction will happen.

What doesn’t happen is the behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to go on, and that is where my less-than-organized, oops something-got-lost issues occur. First it was my nametag, which I always throw in a basket on my desk. For some unknown reason this time I put it upside down in a drawer, then dropped my camera on top of it. After 3 days of searching I found it. But now I am missing some paperwork. I am confident it will turn up. Hopefully soon. Meanwhile I shuffle, looking for something I should never have misplaced.

Have you had those issues? Could it be you’ve misplaced a book, forgot to return a DVD, or can’t find your library card? Rest assured, we totally understand. There isn’t one of us here at EPLD that has not had to replace at least one of those items, (and probably some of us who have replaced all 3). It isn’t a big deal. Come in and talk with Laura or whoever happens to be at the circulation desk and we can help you get the issue fixed up. We will get you back in the game in no time at all. And that is probably what you want, to fix it up and get on with your life.  I know that is what we want, to see you again as a library user, actively enjoying the privilege of having a lending library in your community.

Oh, and just one more reason to get yourself back to EPLD…next week we have exciting news to share! We will soon be rolling out information involving our fantastic summer reading program, “Reading is So Delicious”. You are going to want to participate, enjoy the programs and win some prizes. We just can’t wait to see you @ the Library!