Woodford County Master Gardeners Bring the Best to Eureka Public Library!

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Busy times for all of us are right here, right now! Those of us working inside EPLD understand that. In fact we see some of you running through, to pick up something you really wanted last week but had no time to stop, or you’re returning something that was due back here 3 days ago. But I have to tell you to make time for a great set of programs lined up with the Woodford County Master Gardeners here at EPLD. You Will Not Want To Miss These Programs!

We have a great relationship with an awesome group of gardeners, and they are providing wonderful workshops here at Eureka Public Library this year. In May we had a fairy garden workshop that was so popular it is returning the end of July, and is already almost full. We have several upcoming hands-on programs, including creating hypertufa pots (In case this is all new to you like it is to me, hypertufa is a mixture of cement, sand and peat moss used to create flower  pots, benches, statutes, etc) and a third program on creating your own unique garden stake. Some of these hands-on workshops have a fee attached, and you will have a finished product to enjoy afterwards.

Our program next Tuesday, June 12 with Lisa Hill is on Living Walls. A living wall is just like it sounds, a garden in a vertical setting. It can be created and attached to a house or a wall, or could be part of a retaining wall. Lisa tells us these are simple to construct and maintain and I plan to enjoy learning all about the how-to from her. The program starts at 6:30. If you would like to attend, there is no charge but we do require registration to help with seating. (Just call the library at 467-2922 to register.)

Now, just a word on the Woodford County Master Gardeners. They are all affiliated with the University of Illinois Master Gardener program, and they are tops at what they do. We enjoy the way they bring great programs full of information to us on a monthly basis, as well as provide the Plant Help Desk here at the Library. Trained, educated, and professional, it is a joy to work with this group!

And did I mention fun? We have a great time! In fact, the Fairy Garden group in May had such a blast several participants turned right around and cleared their calendars so they would be able to attend the rest of the Master Gardener programs this year. Pam Terry, one of the MGs took pictures that evening and I want to share them so you can see how much you are missing if you are “Too busy to make it to a library program!”