Public Libraries Provide Free Wi-Fi Nationwide This Summer

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

I know for many of you the idea of summer vacation means getting away from being connected to your computer. I promise if that is your goal, it can happen simply by leaving the laptop at home and (maybe) turning off your phone. If that isn’t an option or if you enjoy staying in touch, remember most public libraries offer free Wi-Fi! And hopefully, you will never be too far from a library!

A sign promoting “Free Wi-Fi” shows up on the doors of many restaurants and hotels these days. When we travel we typically have at least one laptop and 2 iPods with us, and depending on whether or not our younger son is along, a cell phone that is connected to the Internet. We like being able to check out what is happening with friends through Facebook, my husband is part of a small writing community that he connects with daily, and I work on our library website and with our library program contacts even while out of the library. So as we travel and stop for lunch or fuel while on the road, we often grab our “daily Internet fix”. We find we can’t always depend on hotels as Internet there can be costly, or provide limited connectivity. We are always on the lookout for that friendly public library sign to help us grab our downloads and stay connected!