Reading and Summer Fun, a Library Tradition

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Summer reading programs in Illinois have been providing kids and families with reading activities for many years. I remember riding along with my dad in the grain truck to Benson so I could have my summer reading program sheet stamped while he dumped a load of corn at the elevator across the street. I had the amount of time he would be in line to grab an armload of new books for the next week, and to have the librarian sign off on the previous week’s reading. I had to be quick and I had to know just what I wanted to read next because parking the truck to wait for me to pick out books was just not part of the plan!

EPLD works hard to make summer reading time a great time for readers, young and old. Mrs. Richey provides a full schedule of events for the entire 6 weeks of summer reading that includes make-it take-it, story times, movies & popcorn and special activities. Each week our readers return with their book logs to be signed, and maybe, if they are lucky, they have prizes to pick up while they are here!

We have a slightly older group of middle-school age readers that come during the day on Tuesdays. Our YAHOOS are full of energy and love the opportunity to spend time together at the library. Under the direction of Joanna and Eric this group brings a different spin to summer reading at EPLD. They participate in a book/movie club, reading a book on their own time and following up here at the library with a movie based on the book. They have guest speakers, and 2 weeks ago held their own (slightly screwy!) Olympics in the side yard here at the Library. We enjoy them and think they are having a great time this summer.

Our adult readers are also doing a great job of keeping up with reading this summer. We keep the newest books in the hallway between the new and old buildings and these are browsed regularly by readers looking to see what has been added. A tip for those of you coming in weekly…we typically process and add books on Tuesdays! Of course, if you are waiting for a specific title, you can always stop by the circ desk and ask for a hold to be put on a book or movie. We will be happy to give you a call when it arrives!

We would be remiss to not remind you EPLD has reading programs going on for the adults as well. Our “Edible Fiction, Edible Film” begins on Monday at 9 a.m. with a discussion about Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. We will continue in July with Babbette’s Feast. We are also continuing Stacks & Snacks, a Thursday morning book discussion group meeting twice a month, just for the joy of sharing books!

I’m closing with a picture of our very tired athletes following last week’s YAHOO Olympics. May summer always be so good!