Already, July?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Very busy weeks have been the norm here at the library as we speed through summer reading. In the Children’s Library Mrs. Richey has seen record numbers of books being read, a really cool indication that young readers in Eureka take their summer reading seriously. At the circulation desk in the adult area, readers are also dedicated to the library reading program, and the “friendly competition” for our Nook ereaders, stays hot. It is great to see all of you coming to EPLD!

We have been busy on the back side as well, making plans for July and August. Our new books are rolling off the shelves, and we figure many of them are traveling with you to fun places around the country! The DVD collection has been busy too. It seems like Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake are quite popular as summer entertainment on hot afternoons and car trips. Some of you with a bit more, um, “refined” taste have been checking out the blu-rays and DVDs geared towards young adults and grown-ups. You’ll be happy to know this week we are expanding our movie and book collections as our budget allowed for a bit of expansion at our year-end.

And what are the library plans for July? We have a full schedule of events lined up for you! Even though the “official” summer reading program rolls to a close the second week in July, we’ll continue to provide many fun reasons for you to come to EPLD. July 16, Mary McSweeney returns with a new knitting class, and on Tuesday, July10 our Master Gardeners are providing a make-it take-it project, hypertufa pots! Dennis Johnson will be speaking on his hobby, model ship building, and the very popular “Fairy Gardens” workshop returns. Don’t forget Thursday afternoon movies, Tech Tuesdays, cardmaking, and the book discussion groups! Our goal is to provide a wide variety of programs with the intent you’ll find something of interest.

Every month EPLD publishes an online newsletter with events, pictures, listings of new books and an activity update from the Children’s Library. There are several ways to get a copy, including asking for one the next time you come through the Library, printing your own from our library website, or adding your name to our email newsletter list. I hope you’ll take the time to look through it and make plans to join us at EPLD for some fun and entertainment in July!