The Best Bargains in Town!

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Are you about ready to travel? Has the heat captured you, keeping you pinned indoors these days? Look to the Library for some great reading material this summer, even the kind you don’t have to worry about bringing back!

We have shelves and shelves filled with books available for check-out, and with our two week loan period on most books, we hope you feel free to take an armload home every time you visit. On a weekly basis we add items to our “new list”, as soon as publishers will let us provide them to the public. But did you know one of the very best bargains in town happens to be here at the Library in our “book sale” room?

For only a quarter you can purchase a hardcover or paperback edition by your favorite author! We have 1,000’s of books available in our sale room. Authors like James Patterson, John Grisham, Jonathan Kellerman, Linda Howard, Debbie Macomber, Anne Perry, Elizabeth Lowell and Nora Roberts are all residing there right now! (I am sure, as I just looked.) We have paperbacks, hardcover books, large print, biographies, children’s books, fiction and nonfiction lining the walls, and any book you select is only twenty-five cents. We will happily sell you 4 for only a $1.00, or a bag full if you are in need of more than a few.

Why even think about the books sale room when we have 1,000 of other books you can take home? Here are just 3 of the reasons we commonly hear from those who love our ongoing sale:

  • Vacations! It is great to grab books for only 25¢, and then you don’t have to worry about losing or filling with these books with sand!
  • Children or grandkids are coming! A stack of new books is a fun and easy way to provide entertainment and the price is so good they can leave with the kiddos and no one worries.
  •  You don’t live in an area covered by a library district and want reading material at a reasonable price. EPLD has people coming in all the time that do not qualify for a library card based on where they live. We like being able to provide a cost-effective option for those outside of a library district.

Drop in this week and take a quick peek at what we have available, for only a quarter! We restock the shelves of our book sale whenever we have donations we cannot use, so remember to look often. We know there are treasures just waiting to be found in the EPLD Book Sale Room!