Make-it Take-it Hypertufa

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Pam Terry is our of our Eureka Public Library volunteers. Pam comes in weekly and works on a variety of projects we always hope to get done, but seem like we never have time to finish. Her projects vary, but Pam works on keeping our series notebook up to date (a notebook we keep on hand for those of you who like to read fiction and like to read the books in the order written), she runs the selling of our used books through several re-sale websites and most recently, she spent a great deal of time helping proof the cookbook.

EPLD and Pam first connected when Pam was working with the Woodford County Master Gardeners lining up their community programs. Through the expertise of a great group of gardeners, we have an excellent line-up of programs and help desk evenings at EPLD every spring, summer and fall. Last year Pam came in one morning to do her volunteer work at the library, all excited about a hypertufa program she had attended. By the time we all heard about how much fun she had making her own planters we knew it was one that needed to be included in this year’s Master Gardener programs at EPLD. We are very happy “Make-it Take-it Hypertufa Planters” is happening Tuesday!

If you are plant-challenged like I am, hypertufa might not be a word in your everyday vocabulary. What I found out is hypertufa refers to the process of making planters and garden accessories from a mixture of portland cement and peat moss, artificial stones or another similar products poured into a form and allowed to cure. The result is a really cool planter that is much lighter in weight than a concrete planter and also more porous, which works better for plants. The creation process is fun, and provided you have an expert on hand, successful!

On Tuesday, July 10, the Woodford County Master Gardeners are providing “Make-it Take-it Hypertufa Planters” at the Woodford County Farm Bureau Park, beginning at 6 p.m. Cost per person to make a planter is $15 and you need to have registered and paid at the library beforehand. This program will max out at 25 people, so if you would like to attend, it is very important to sign up now! For more information, give the Library a call at 467-2922.