Model Ship Building Hobby Showcases the Past in the July 30th Program

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

EPLD is looking forward to an excellent program on July 30, at6:30 p.m. with Dennis Johnson. Johnson, from Minonk will display and talk about his passion- creating model ships.

Johnson has been assembling models since he was 12 years old, but while in the navy he began making detailed, scale models of ships. To date he has completed over 350 models. While many of Johnson’s models are of US naval vessels, his extensive collection also includes warships used by other countries and 6 different models of the Titanic. One of his favorites is a model of the Titanic he created for his wife, complete with working lights and finely detailed features of incredibly small people on the deck. Johnson’s models are truly a work of art, with his attention to detail evident in each piece.