Summer Reading Winner with the Biggest Smile… Laura Leman!

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

As far as I am concerned, one of the best parts of an EPLD library job is when we can make someone happy. It can be helping set up an e-reader, finding a requested book or movie, or just providing a bag to carry items home! We specialize in making people smile and we really, really enjoy that at EPLD.

We had a great opportunity for jaw-cracking smiles today at the library when we drew two names for the winners of our summer reading program. Those who had their names in the drawing had to have participated in all 6 weeks of the summer reading program, had their cards stamped each week and turned the card in by Friday. We drew our winners right after lunch today…Laura Leman and Jami Hemmenway!

Jami was not at home when we called. Just by chance, Laura and her mom walked into the library right after we drew her name! We called her to the desk and she had the best smile…just like she knew something wonderful was about to happen! It was great to see her so excited!