“Eureka Library will not be left behind”

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

I borrowed the title for today’s blog from a story DeWayne Bartels wrote about EPLD last August. The article was in the Woodford Times following our first “Doughnuts and Downloads” event. EPLD Director Nancy Scott and I had just returned from a four day conference sponsored by Overdrive Media, the service provider for ADML, our downloadable audio and ebook service. We wanted to share what we had learned and we were pleased that so many people took their time to stop in and listen to us. DeWayne Bartels, ever a strong EPLD supporter, came through as well to see what was going on at the library that morning.

During the time DeWayne covered Eureka he stopped by the library on a fairly regular basis. We, of course, were thrilled to have someone interested in what was happening here, and we were even more excited when DeWayne would share EPLD events and programs with others through his stories in the paper. Sometimes I would write the stories, sometimes we would share information with DeWayne and he would write the story. But the story he wrote on August 17 following our “Doughnuts and Downloads” came as a wonderful surprise to us. It warmed my heart. It touched others in the community as well. I know it did because 2 weeks later when I was out at Reaganfest I had people stop me and tell me they had read the article and they were pleased to have an active library in this community.

DeWayne gave us a gift and we were grateful to be the recipients of such goodwill. We will miss DeWayne, the encourager and the supporter of EPLD.  However as we will move ahead we will recall and focus on the gifts he gave us including the title, "Eureka Library will not be left behind".  Our continuing goal will be to live up to that title.