What goes up must come down

DeWayne Bartels
A balloon involved in this past weekend's Balloons At the Park event in Chillicothe landed in Woodford County Saturday night prompting reports of a crash.

Reports of a hot-air balloon crash in Woodford County Saturday night were exaggerated.

About 9:04 p.m. the Woodford County Sheriff's Office received a call of a hot air balloon crash in Woodford County.

The balloon had been part of the Balloons At The Park event in Chillicothe.

Chief deputy Darren Evans said deputies were dispatched to look for the balloon.

They had a hard time finding it as darkness fell, Evans said.

The balloon and its ocupants were located in the vicinity of Spring Bay.

"Orignally the call came in as a crash," Evans said. "It was found. No one was hurt. It just came down."