Philosophy into practice

Nick Stroman

The philosophies of helping to run a business and coaching a middle-school track team may seem like vastly different tasks, but Peoria businesswoman Paula Dixon manages both. 

Both of Dixon’s roles, she said, require mentorship, discipline, interpersonal relationships and developing a definition of success.

Dixon is a shareholder and senior vice president at Holmes Murphy and Associates, one of the nation’s leading risk management and insurance brokerage firms.

Dixon’s two children attend Peoria Christian School, and five years ago, there was talk of the school abandoning its middle-school track and field program. 

That is when Dixon said her maternal instincts kicked in, and she remembered her love for sports as a child.

Dixon is a former track All American and still holds a high school track record in Iowa from 1982.

“I knew there was a chance there that both of my kids and probably many others at the school could go on to compete at state, so I stepped in and took over the program,” said Dixon.

For the rest of this story see the June 18  issue of the Peoria Times-Observer.