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A reminder that if your son/daughter is planning on participating in any extracurricular activity in the 2008-2009 school year, you must attend a mandatory meeting prior to the start of the season.  This includes students in band, all sports teams, cheerleading, dance team, and scholastic bowl.  One parent and the student (s) who are going to participate are required to attend before they are allowed to try out or practice.  You must only attend one meeting per school year.  

There will also be two code meetings during the school year.  One is scheduled for Thursday, October 16th, at 7:00 p.m., following Parent/Teacher Conferences and on Thursday, January 29th, at 7:00 p.m. in the high school library.  A reminder that all atheletes must have a current phyiscal on file prior to tryouts – No athletes will be allowed to try out without one.  Sports physiclas are only good for one caledar year.


      Board Approved: 1/9/08

Thurs, Aug 14          New Teachers’ Orientation

Fri, Aug 15          First Day for Teachers:  Institute Day

Fri, Aug 15          Freshmen Orientation

Mon, Aug 18          First Day for Students:  Half-Day

Tues, Aug 19          Half-Day Inservice:  Half-Day

Mon, Sept 1          Labor Day - No School

Mon, Oct 13          Columbus Day - No School

Thur, Oct 16          Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School

Fri, Oct 17          Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School

Wed, Oct. 29          School Improvement Day - Half-Day for Students

Tues, Nov 11          Veteran’s Day - No School

Wed, Nov 26                            FALL

thru Sun, Nov 30                       VACATION

Mon, Dec 22                         WINTER

thru Fri, Jan 2                      VACATION

Mon, Jan 19          M. L. King’s Birthday - No School

Thurs, Feb 12          Lincoln’s Birthday - No School

Mon, Mar 2          Casimir Pulaski Day - No School

Mon, March 16          Teachers’ Institute - No School

Tues, March 17          Teachers’ Institute - No School

Mon, April 6                         SPRING

thru Mon, April 13                       VACATION

Mon, May 25          Memorial Day - No School

Thurs, June 4          Last Day for Students:  Half-Day

Fri, Jun 5          Last Day for Teachers:  Teachers’ Institute


School attendance is of utmost importance. Many drop outs and many failures are caused by poor school attendance. One of the items prospective employers often request when they call for school records is the attendance and punctuality of a student.

State law mandates compulsory school attendance for those students under sixteen (16) years of age. School attendance for any student, however, is primarily the responsibility of the parent and the student. It is recognized that at times parents and students may consider school attendance impossible due to illness or some other personal or family reason. The faculty and staff wish to strongly encourage student attendance and to be made aware of problems, either medical or personal, which may interfere with school attendance. At no time is this policy intended to encourage students to come to school when they are ill.

Teachers are always willing to assist students who must miss school for some legitimate reason. In an attempt to encourage attendance at school and to become more involved with the parents and students concerning attendance problems, the following absentee procedures have been established.


1. Each day the student is absent from school, (except suspension or a pre-planned absence), a parent or legal guardian is to call the school 243-7751 between 7:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. The student will not need an admit and will report directly class when returning to school. If the parent or guardian does not call before 2:00 P.M., the absence will not be cleared the teachers and the student must report to the Attendance Clerk for an admit the next day.

If, because of an emergency, a parent or guardian is unable to call on the day of the absence, please call the following morning before 8:05 A.M. Students who are absent and whose parent or guardian does not have a phone, must bring a note stating the dates and reason for the absence.

file:///Users/steve/Desktop/download.htm (5 of 29)12/18/2003 3:51:59 PM

Dunlap High School Handbook

Students not following the above procedure will be referred to the Assistant Principal or Principal when they return to school. The Assistant Principal or Principal will make a parent contact and admit the student either excused or unexcused depending on the reason for absence.

2. The determination of an excused or unexcused absence is made by appropriate school personnel depending upon the reason the student was out of school. Generally speaking, students are given time to make up work equal to the time absent.

As a general policy, students will be given one day per day absent to make up work. However, if a student is absent the day of an exam, he/she will be expected to take the exam the day he/she returns. It is the student’s responsibility upon return from an absence to check with each teacher as to the proper time to make up work. At the end of the grading period, any course with incomplete work will be given an “Incomplete” grade. Should the “Incomplete” grade not be completed within the allotted time, the grade will be changed to an “F”.

3. Students who are out of school or know they will be out of school three full days or more may call one of the counselors for their assignments.


Generally speaking, a student’s parent or guardian may excuse him/her from school (for all or part of the day) and their phone call or note will be honored by the Administration. If a student misses school due to a medical appointment, the student needs to bring a Doctor’s note to school when they return. If, however, a student’s absenteeism becomes excessive (more than 7 days per semester) the Administration may request a doctor’s verification before any successive absences are excused. The cooperation of a student’s parent or guardian is requested in helping him/her maintain a good attendance record. Students who miss more than 7 times in a semester may be denied permission to attend school sponsored field trips.

We feel that illness or family emergency are the only absences that will be excused on a daily basis unless the absence has been pre-planned at least one full day in advance of the absence on a pre-planned absence form. Upon the accumulation of eight (8) or more absences the student will be counted as unexcused without a doctor’s verificatiand may be subject to disciplinary action. No make-up work will be accepted.


If a student knows that he/she will be absent we request that he/she obtain a pre-planned absence form in the attendance office.

If a student wants to obtain his/her assignments in advance of this absence, a pre-planned absence form must be taken by the student to each of his/her teachers at least one full day in advance of the day(s) which the student will be out of school. If a one full day notice is not given, teachers may refuse to give advance assignments and require the work to be made up upon the students return to school. Students are expected to be current in their course work when they return.


A senior is allowed two college visitation days and a junior one day. All visits to local colleges (ICC, Bradley, and Eureka) will be limited to 1/2 day unless additional time is necessary. All visits must be pre-arranged and verifiable by the Assistant Principal

or Principal. Students should spend time with their counselors prior to visiting any college so that the time on this visit is well spent. Students are encouraged to visit colleges during their vacation days because most colleges are in session during many of these times.

If a student is unable to arrange their college visit during a vacation, the procedures for a pre-planned absence should be followed.


Any absence which is determined to be unexcused by the Assistant Principal or Principal will result in a 0 and no make-up of any schoolwork missed. There may also be additional disciplinary action taken such as detention or suspension depending on the circumstances.


1. For juniors/seniors (Form Required)

Juniors/ Seniors having last hour study hall may leave school after their last class

providing the student is scheduled for six class periods. Those students are to be out of the building by the beginning of the next hour. Any problems either academic or disciplinary will result in the loss of the privilege for the individual student.

2. For Students Who Work

Work related early dismissal from school may be granted if the following conditions are met:

A. Students must be in good academic standing - passing in all subjects.

file:///Users/steve/Desktop/download.htm (6 of 29)12/18/2003 3:51:59 PM

Dunlap High School Handbook

B. Early dismissal will not interfere with student’s graduation requirements or academic program.

C. Student must see that a “Request for Early Dismissal” form is completed and returned to school. Forms are available from the school and must be signed by the student, parents, and prospective employer.

D. Student must remain employed. Periodic checks will be made with the employer.

E. If early dismissal is granted, student and parent must realize that the student should leave school immediately after dismissal time. A parent then assumes responsibility for the student.

F. Except in unusual circumstances, no students or other seniors may have schedules changed for early dismissal to work.

3. For All Other Situations

Students may be released early for other reasons providing the Administration approves. Any student leaving school before the end of the day must be excused by school personnel or the absence will be unexcused. A phone contact or a note

will be required before the student is dismissed from the premises for any reason. Students who are absent for less than100 minutes are credited with full day’s attendance. All students, except for Co-op students, must be in attendance for six

class periods.


For seniors - Seniors may have either late arrival or early dismissal. Seniors having first hour study hall may elect to not arrive at school until the beginning of second hour. Any problems, either academic or disciplinary, will result in the loss of the privilege

for the individual student.


An absence without a call or note from a parent or guardian, skipping a class or study hall period will be considered a truancy.

Leaving class or study hall without permission and/or a valid reason may also be considered a truancy. Since truancy is a serious matter, it will be treated as follows:


A second offense of truancy will result in a three-day suspension, parental conference and/or notification of the juvenile officer in appropriate cases.


It is felt that a student’s punctuality to school and class is positively correlated to his/her academic success. Not only are tardies a problem to the individual, but they are also an unnecessary nuisance and irritation to the teacher and other students of the class.

1. To School

The following are examples of unexcused tardies to school without a note or phone call from parent or guardian:

(1) Oversleeping - student responsibility

(2) Missing bus when bus runs - student responsibility

(3) Car trouble - driver and/or passengers (exceptions may be made when driving the car was a necessity.)

Reasons for tardiness of students coming to school in the morning after roll has been taken but within the first 10 minutes of the day are evaluated by the administration.

A student will be given 2 “emergency tardies” per nine weeks which can be excused by a parent/guardian’s phone call or note. On the third tardy the student will be penalized as outlined below.

2. To Class

Generally speaking, tardiness to a class is unexcused. There may be, however, circumstances which would permit a student to have an excused tardy. Individual cases are evaluated by the teacher involved and/or the Assistant Principal. The

unexcused tardies then become part of the student’s discipline file.

A careful record is kept of student’s unexcused tardies. Three (3) tardies to class in 9 weeks will result in an office detention.

Four (4) tardies to class in 9 weeks will result in a one day in school suspension. Five (5) or more tardies to class in 9 weeks will result in a three day in school suspension.