BREAKING NEWS - District 150 seeks public input

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Woodford Times
District 150 Treasurer, Guy Cahill, left, and superintendent Ken Hinton, listen to a reporter's question Monday afternoon.

Staff, Parent, Student and Community Input

School Consolidation Plan


The PPS Board of Education has asked Administration to further develop details of the plan to consolidate Woodruff High and Peoria High schools; and develop three K-8 schools. The initial framework was presented at the January 14 Committee of the Whole meeting. We are seeking staff, parent, student and community input in order to develop a final recommendation to be presented to the Board of Education for a vote in the upcoming months.

Input Needed

How will the implementation of this plan positively or negatively impact your family and/or child’s education?


1) Website 

Background information page

Powerpoint presentation that will be used at all informational meetings. Allows stakeholders an overview prior to meetings.

Summary of plan from January 14 Committee of the Whole meeting

Copies of all other documents / plans distributed to public

Voice recordings of discussions during BOE meetings

Q&A / FAQ sheet 

Contact us button –

Form  - print and mail input to Administration. Mail to 3202 N. Wisconsin, Peoria IL 61603

2) Feedback Forms at Schools

Box at each school to submit input

3) Informational Meetings

a) Union leadership - Ken Hinton week of January 19

b) Principals - Administration week of January 26

c) Staff - Meetings will be held with teachers at the ten schools impacted by the changes. (Peoria High, Woodruff High, Richwoods High, Trewyn, Von Steuben, Garfield, Harrison, Irving, Kingman, Tyng) Administration will conduct meetings. Meetings will be voluntary and conducted before or afterschool.  Meetings will be held weeks of January 26 and February 2.

d) Parents/Community -

We will host three meetings for community input.

Two meetings week of February 2

One meeting the week of February 9

Meetings will be held from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Locations (specific dates for meetings TBD)

Peoria High

Woodruff High


Administration will conduct meetings. Board members, community stakeholders and all interested public are welcome to attend. Administrators attending include:


Associate Superintendent

Academic Officers


Director of Special Services



Handouts (if applicable)

Short Powerpoint presentation to entire group:

Why – Economic and financial reality

Outline plan and $ saved for each item

Acknowledge hardships on all

Outline other options and consequences for doing nothing

Educational benefits of merging HS and consolidating K-8 schools

Breakout into smaller discussion groups

Input on question “How will the implementation of this plan positively or negatively impact your family and/or child’s education?”

Speakers will provide name and address and will have no more than three minutes each.

Each person is allowed to speak at one meeting.  Any other comments should be submitted in writing. This allows an opportunity for input from all stakeholders.

All are encouraged all to bring their comments in writing in case time runs out.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Forms will be available for those not willing or unable to speak. Forms will be collected that night or can be mailed in.

Allow five minutes at the end for the emcee to remind the public of input opportunities.

Notetaker for each session

Meeting Notices:

Website –

Skylert – phone message to parents

Media partners

School newsletters and marquees

Mentioned at BOE meetings

Summary of Feedback

Committee of the Whole - Feedback will be compiled and presented at a committee of the Whole meeting. Date TBD by the Board. Public welcome to attend.

Website – frequent updates

Media - Administration will meet with media to discuss results and feedback the days following the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Recommendation and Vote

Final details based on all input will be complied; and a recommendation will be presented to the Board of Education. Date TBD by Board.