WEB EXTRA - 'The World Tour' at Northmoor-Edison

Staff Writer
Woodford Times
Northmoor-Edison was packed last week with students, siblings and parents who came to see the work their children had done on "The World Tour."

Northmoor-Edison students and families experienced multiple cultures at their "World Tour" May 28.

Students in each grade were assigned a world region; many chosen based on the countries representing the 16 different languages spoken by some of the families at the school.

Students worked for two weeks studying their assigned geographic region including songs, artwork and other cultural customs and traditions.

Families made their way through decorated hallways and foreign feasts as they venture throughout the building learning about the broad diversity of our world within their school.

The event included a potluck. Families brought a dish from their assigned region, or one that was meaningful to their own family background.

This is the first year for the event.