Summer reading cookbooks ready at Eureka Library

Adam Larck
Eureka Public Library's circulation supervisor Laura Siscoe displays the new “Reading is So Delicious” cookbook.

The Eureka Library cookbook is finally finished.

After starting work on it early this summer, 548 recipes are now available for anyone interested to try out in the "Reading is So Delicious" cookbook.

The cookbook was started to tie into the summer reading program.

"The summer reading program was, 'Reading is So Delicious,'" associate director of adult programming Ann Reeves said. "We were tying as much programming as we could to food. It just seemed like a natural fit."

To get the recipes, forms were sent out with people that registered for the program at the beginning of summer.

The library soon started getting a flood of recipes. Some recipes were submitted multiple times by different people, resulting in the recipe having multiple names on it in the cookbook.

Even with so many recipes submitted, some submissions still had to be turned away due to the deadline to get it published. Still, no names were left out of the book.

"I think everybody that turned something in got their name in the book, but they might not have gotten all of their recipes in," Reeves said.

Some of the more interesting recipes were not the recipe itself, but the person that submitted it.

"Father Dominic (Garramone) sent us two recipes, which was fun. He sent us a bread recipe and a soup recipe," she said.

Also submitting recipes was Katie Lemkemann, who used to run a stand on the front lawn selling various lunch food. About five to six of her recipes are in the book.

While the cookbook company helped set some deadlines so that the book would be ready by the end of August, Reeves said that time definitely started playing a factor.

"I think what surprised me was the amount of time it took," she said. "Even though they had a place we could put the recipes online, you still had to proofread. Plus, a lot of them came in handwritten.

"I dreamed about it more than a few nights."

Thankfully, a lot of Friends of the Library members volunteered to type in recipes to help meet the late June/early July deadline.

Another challenge came when trying to categorize food. Reeves said she would often find foods that could be put into multiple categories.

The book, which is available for $15, features a yellow cover complete with various types of food.

During the process of putting the book together, Scott said that they could have made a cover if they wanted, but thought that one of the options the company provided for the cookbook was "beautiful."

"We wanted something that, when you have a row of cookbooks in your house, there's one that just stands out and says 'Pick me,'" Scott said.

All money earned from the cookbook will go to the Friends of the Library as a fundraiser, with Friends of the Library members renewing or signing up getting a free cookbook. Membership cost is $15.

A cookbook can also be mailed anywhere in the U.S. for an additional $4.