Glee club returns to MTHS Saturday

Adam Larck
The Purdue University men’s glee club will perform at Metamora Township High School at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Metamora will be in for a musical treat on Saturday.

That’s when the Purdue men’s glee club will return to Metamora Township High School to perform at 7 p.m.

This will be the second time that the glee club has come to the high school, according to choir director Todd Cheek.

“The last time that they came down here was about six or seven years ago,” he said. “I’ve gotten a relationship with them from when I was at Pontiac High School. There’s some people over there that their son was an alum of Purdue and in the glee club.”

The club, which is made up of volunteers from the university since there is no actual music program there, will perform a large variety of music that night.

“It’s a 60-man glee club,” Cheek said. “They perform any type of genre that you can imagine. They do Ray Steven’s ‘Mississippi Squirrel’ to Moses Hogan spirituals to classical to Broadway. They do it in the traditional glee club style, where there’s not a ton of movement but there’s a few things involved.”

Cheek added that they are one of the top clubs in the nation.

The night will start with a spaghetti dinner from 4-6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

“With the glee club coming, it’s an event that the whole family can come,” Cheek said. “If you just come to the concert, it’s only $10. If you come to the spaghetti dinner it’s only $15. A lot of places that they go, it’s more than $15 just to see the concert.”

During the dinner, the glee club will also be meeting people and sometimes performing songs while eating as well.

“Their motto is, ‘No music without fun and no fun without music,’” Cheek said. “It’s their first concert off campus for the year, so they’re really excited to get out and start their tour season.”

Also before the concert will be a music festival in the Old Gymnasium, along with a silent auction.

Among the prizes being auctioned off is a table of Madrigal tickets and a prime rib dinner for 12 that will be made by the music department.

Opening up the concert will be the MTHS combined choirs, and the choir will also perform the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” with the glee club at the end.

All proceeds from the concert will go towards the choir trip in March.

“We’re trying to just cut the cost for the kids going to Disney. We’re trying to get all the proceeds to go towards the trip,” Cheek said. “We’re going down and going to perform in the park. We’re also going to get a clinic from some people that work in the park. What the kids will do is they’ll play a scene from a Disney movie, and the choir will sing the song.”