Board allows placement of plaque in center of town

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Three summers ago, the Woodford County Historical Society dedicated the "Out of Court" plaque to the Village of Metamora to go along with the Abraham Lincoln and Melissa Goings statues.

That plaque never made it to its planned position, and former mayor Bill Belshaw, a past member who is now deceased, never got the chance to see it.

"It's sad to me that we couldn't have gotten it done before Bill passed away," WCHS Chairman Jean Myers said in front of the village board at the Dec. 4 meeting.

That is why Myers hoped to bring the issue before the board, as he needed their approval to move forward with the project.

"We're looking at the possibility of losing (another society member)," Myers said.

Trustee Laure Adams concurred with Myers.

"I agree," Adams said. "It's way past due."

According to Myers, the WCHS requires the village's help in installing the plaque.

"It should be no big deal," Trustee Hawk said.

Myers added that the plaque would not cause any problems safety wise.

"It's such a low type of plaque that it wouldn't trip anybody," Myers said.

He said the plaque would take six weeks to make. The board unanimously agreed to honor Myers' request.

On the plaque is the date the WCHS presented the item to the Village of Metamora: Aug. 22, 2009. The plaque also includes acknowledgements to those who assisted with either monetary donations or by donating their time. The WCHS consists of four other members besides Myers: Former Mayor Paul Kouri, WCHS President James Fyke, and MTCO President Glenn Rauh.