Woodford County building new committee

Nick Vlahos/ GateHouse News Service

Construction of the Woodford County Board Buildings Committee is well under way.

The new committee was formalized Dec. 3 during the board's biennial organizational meeting. Board members had discussed the committee's creation in recent months, and Woodford County Sheriff Jim Pierceall advocated it.

"It's a start," said Pierceall, whose office oversees county facilities.

Buildings had been part of the public safety committee's scope. Pierceall believes a separate committee will help him better handle a part of his job with which he admits he isn't always familiar.

"Say in the next five years (a) building is going to need a roof," Pierceall said. "That committee can research what it's going to take to do it and make sure it gets put out for bid. And they can put it on the radar screen for the full board."

Doug Huser, Tom Janssen, John Krug, Barry Logan and Larry Whitaker comprise the new committee. Janssen is chairman. Meetings are likely to be at 3 p.m. on the second Monday of each month.

Ideally, according to Pierceall, a group of nonboard specialists will augment the committee. They could be masons, engineers and experts in plumbing, heating and electrical issues.

"I don't mind working with board members, but I'd like to have additional expertise at the table," Pierceall said.

Board members didn't appear insulted by Pierceall's wish. Whitaker said the public safety committee can better focus on public-safety issues instead of on physical structures.

"It's a good baby step in what the sheriff wants to do - more professionalism when it comes to maintaining county buildings," Whitaker said.

The newly inaugurated board also retained Stan Glazier as chairman, by a 9-6 vote over Krug. In 2010, Glazier replaced Krug, who was chairman the previous four years.

"I'm very happy about it. There's unfinished business I'd like to do," said Glazier, who cited budget plans and economic development, among other things.

Krug said he had no specific agenda but believed a contested election was good for the process.

The board also drew lots to determine term lengths for the next 10 years. The current terms of seats held by Glazier, Huser, Janssen, Krug, Logan, Whitaker and Mike Hinrichsen will expire in 2014. The ensuing two terms will be for four years.

Seats held by Dean Backer, Russell Cotton, Don Cremeens, John Delaney, Andrew Martin, Terry Pille, Shannon Rocke and Andy Rokey won't be up for election until 2016. Another four-year term, then a two-year term will follow.

Backer, Delaney and Rokey began their first terms Dec. 3.